What To Write In Email When Sending Resume For Internship

Securing an internship is a crucial step in any student or young professionals career. It is important to make sure that the initial email sent out to potential employers is written in such a way that it captures attention and stands out from the rest. While an internship search can be overwhelming, with the right knowledge on how to write an effective email when sending a resume for an internship, the process can become much simpler.

So, what to write in email when sending resume for internship? This article will provide detailed insight on how to compose emails that will pique the interest of recruiters and increase one’s chances of getting accepted into their desired internship program.

By taking advice from renowned business leader and innovator Elon Musk, this article will provide guidance on how to structure emails that go beyond simply summarizing oneself as a candidate, but instead emphasize why they are uniquely qualified for the position. Moreover, by understanding the needs of recruiters and what they are looking for in candidates, this article will demonstrate how to craft emails that tap into readers’ subconscious desires for belonging and create an engaging experience.

What To Write In Email When Sending Resume For Internship

1. Personalize Your Email

The importance of personalization when sending emails should not be overlooked. Crafting an email that stands out from the rest requires a creative and strategic approach, as well as consideration for the recipient’s preferences.

One of the most effective ways to personalize an email is to incorporate keywords related to the recipient’s company or industry into the body of the message. This offers insight into how well the candidate understands the organization, and can demonstrate their enthusiasm for working there.

Incorporating such keywords can also help ensure that any automated filtering systems do not discard the email before it reaches its intended recipient. Additionally, including a personalized subject line can help draw attention to an email in a crowded inbox. Taking time to craft a thoughtful and personalized subject line may be all it takes to get noticed by potential employers.

By taking these steps into account, applicants can create an effective communication strategy when sending their resumes for internship opportunities.

2. Add A Subject Line

In order to capture the reader’s attention, it is important to include a relevant and descriptive subject line in an email containing your resume for an internship. This subject line should accurately explain what the email is about and why it should be read.

For instance, when applying for a marketing internship, one could use the subject line “Marketing Internship Application: {Your Name}”.

A unique or creative subject line can also help differentiate your email from other applicants who are applying for the same internship. This could be done by including a brief description of your skills or experience that make you stand out from other candidates. For example, “Marketing Internship Application: {Your Name}, Experienced Digital Marketer”.

Including a strong and concise subject line will demonstrate to the recipient that you have taken the time and effort to craft a personalized email, which increases your chances of being noticed and considered for the role. It also gives them a clear idea of what they should expect after opening your email, making it easier for them to decide whether they should continue reading or not.

3. Include Your Contact Information

The third step in writing an email for an internship resume application is to include your contact information. It is important that employers have all the necessary information to contact you quickly and efficiently.

To ensure that this happens, it is important to include:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • The city in which you are located

This allows employers to easily find and reach out to you. Having the right information on hand enables them to decide if they want to move forward with your application. This also helps them remember who you are and what they liked about you. By including the right information, employers can easily access further details about you such as references or additional credentials.

Furthermore, this makes it easier for recruiters to keep track of who has applied for their internships and what skills each applicant brings to the table. It is also a great way for employers to build relationships with potential interns. By having all of your contact information at their fingertips, recruiters can quickly reach out and connect with you without having any delays or confusion.

Having your contact info readily available makes it easier for employers to get in touch when there’s a job opening or even just a quick chat about internships. This increases the chances of getting noticed for opportunities that match your interests and qualifications—so make sure your contact details are up-to-date!

4. Specify The Internship You’Re Applying For

It is essential to specify the internship you are applying for when submitting your resume. Doing so lets recruiters and hiring managers know that you have given careful consideration to the position and have a genuine interest in it. It also helps them identify whether or not you possess the skills and capabilities necessary for the job. Therefore, be sure to explicitly state what position you are applying for in your cover letter or email message.

In addition, provide a brief explanation as to why you think you would be an excellent candidate for the role. This could range from mentioning past experiences related to the job, highlighting relevant skills acquired through education, or simply expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity itself. Whatever it is, make sure to back up your claims with concrete evidence of why you should be chosen over other applicants.

By doing this, employers can quickly assess your suitability for their organization; thereby increasing your chances of selection for an interview. Focus on how you can use what you bring to fulfill their requirements and strengthen their team. Pay attention to detail as it will demonstrate your commitment and help create a positive first impression on hiring personnel.

5. Explain Your Qualifications

My qualifications are well-suited to the internship I’m applying for. I have a deep understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in this role and am confident that my experience will be an asset to the team. My background includes:

  • Extensive knowledge in the field – I have a degree in the required discipline and have taken courses that focus on the specific skills needed for this position.
  • Proven ability to work both independently and collaboratively – I have worked on projects with teams from around the world, as well as completed tasks solo.
  • Expertise in problem solving – I have used creative solutions to resolve complex issues on multiple occasions.
  • Adaptability – I have successfully managed change within organizations, adjusting my approach depending on the situation or environment.

My qualifications demonstrate that I am capable of succeeding in this role, and my passion for learning new skills means that I can continue to progress throughout my career.

It is my belief that I can bring value to your team through my existing knowledge base and enthusiasm for working hard. My ambition and drive will ensure that any project or task undertaken will be completed to a high standard, efficiently and effectively.

6. Attach Your Resume

Attaching a resume is the most important step of applying for an internship. It is essential to ensure that it is flawless, professional, and tailored to the position for which you are applying. This document should showcase your experience, qualifications and skills in a manner that demonstrates why you are the best candidate for the role.

Here are five steps to consider when attaching your resume:

  1. Check all contact information: Make sure the contact information included in your resume is accurate. Double-check that all email addresses, phone numbers and other contact details are correct.
  2. Include keywords from job descriptions: Review the job description carefully and include relevant keywords in your resume that make it stand out from other applicants.
  3. Highlight accomplishments: Demonstrate how you have made a difference in past roles by highlighting any awards or accomplishments within each job experience section of your resume.
  4. Tailor to each application: Modify your resume for each individual application so that it aligns with the specific requirements of the role you are applying for.
  5. Mindful formatting: Take into consideration how employers will be viewing your resume – either electronically or on paper – and format accordingly so it looks neat and presentable while still being easily readable on different devices and platforms such as mobile phones or tablets.

With these tips in mind, take time to craft your perfect resume prior to submitting an application for an internship – this could be what makes or breaks your chances of success!

Every word counts; make sure they count towards showcasing yourself as the ideal candidate for this opportunity!

7. Follow Up With A Thanks

A thank you note is a great way to express gratitude towards an employer for considering your application for an internship. After attaching your resume, following up with a well-crafted thank you message can make a great impression and increase the chances of being considered for the position.

In today’s world, showing appreciation for others goes a long way. It’s important to recognize that employers have busy schedules and taking time to review applications requires effort. A thank you note is a polite gesture that conveys your enthusiasm for the internship and respect for their time.

Additionally, it serves as another opportunity to showcase your communication skills or highlight any relevant qualifications.

A simple ‘thank you’ with sincerity can leave an indelible mark on the recipient’s mind and heart. Crafting an appropriate follow-up message is an excellent way to get noticed by potential employers and demonstrate that you are serious about pursuing the internship opportunity.


The process of applying for an internship can be a daunting task. It is important to make sure that each individual’s application stands out among the competition. Writing a well-crafted email when sending a resume to apply for an internship must include personalization, contact information, qualifications, and the appropriate attachments.

Subject lines should be informative and concisely state the purpose of the message. Contact information should be included in both the body of the message and at the top of the resume attachment, as this will ensure that recruiters are able to easily locate it if necessary.

Additionally, it is important to specify which internship you are applying for and explain why your qualifications make you an ideal candidate for this position. Finally, including the resume as an attachment is key; without it, recruiters may not realize that you are applying for the specific role.

Applying for internships can be intimidating but following these steps will give applicants an edge over their competition. Personalizing emails with relevant details while demonstrating one’s qualifications through thoughtful explanations and attachments can help applicants stand out amongst other candidates. By taking these considerations into account when writing an email to send one’s resume for an internship opportunity, applicants can increase their chances of being accepted into a program they desire.